Hello, My name is Vanessa but my friends and family call me Bonnie.

I'm from the 89Line and a July baby/female/Bisexual

I am an Vip,B2UTY, A+, Inspirit, BBC, Baby(Earthling), EXOtic and more.

I'm shy, so be kind to me ( ̄ε ̄@)

I love Asian music and Yaoi!
I'm a Fujoshi 4 life



  • During Bang & Zelo promotions, there was a fan meeting and a small game called ‘5 Letter Talk’ where fans ask questions in 5 letters. The question for Yongguk was “What’s your favorite snack?” and he was really shy when answering “Home Run Ball.”


  • A fan @ the Youngdeungpo…

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add these too and I think I would be dead.

also his smile while doing it would kill me as well. asjksdhyhhnnnng.  

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_ಥ you love to see me cry, don’t you? Just keep messing with my feelings. My heart can’t take this shit now more!

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…Yongguk looks like the joker from batman(the cartoon) .___. 

…Yongguk looks like the joker from batman(the cartoon) .___. 

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They don’t seem to believe your innocence. And quite frankly, I don’t believe it anymore. ( ̄ヘ ̄) Keep that tongue in your mouth, boy! (`Д´)ノ Trying to send me to jail.

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This bitch. Life ruiner. YOU ARE EVIL!   

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2+2=4! :D


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