Hello, My name is Vanessa but my friends and family call me Bonnie.

I'm from the 89Line and a July baby/female/Bisexual

I am an Vip,B2UTY, A+, Inspirit, BBC, Baby(Earthling), EXOtic and more.

I'm shy, so be kind to me ( ̄ε ̄@)

I love Asian music and Yaoi!
I'm a Fujoshi 4 life


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VIXX loving the overlord.

VIXX as his bodyguards.

"That’s right my pretties, spread my doom."

Overlord checking on his subjects.

Supporting the overlord and his other followers.

Ken giving hugs and offerings to the overlord.

You have been warned.



Suho and Siwon walk into the club like

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Saved Saint Sidekicks
Bubbly Baptist Buddies
PTA Patnas
Coupon Clipping Compadres

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No words needed

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“EXO is a music group conformed by three Sub-unities: “EXO-K” promoting in Korea, “EXO-M” Promoting in China (Mandarin) and “EXO-L” Promoting worldwide the Love for the above two.”

Updated information about EXO

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  • sm: quick we need to decide on an official fandom name
  • suho: exo-l?? ? exo-love. exo-k+m. exo saRANGHAJA!
  • sm: ok *leaves*
  • suho:
  • exo:
  • suho: (◕‿◕✿)
  • exo:
  • suho:
  • exo: ur sleeping on the balcony tonight


different reactions to haunted houses

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