Hello, My name is Vanessa but my friends and family call me Bonnie.

I'm from the 89Line and a July baby/female/Bisexual

I am an Vip,B2UTY, A+, Inspirit, BBC, Baby(Earthling), EXOtic and more.

I'm shy, so be kind to me ( ̄ε ̄@)

I love Asian music and Yaoi!
I'm a Fujoshi 4 life

Kyungsoo what are you worried about? lmao

Kyungsoo what are you worried about? lmao

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show up sexay

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DO: Jebal Jebal~~

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I want to film a food CF I’m confident in eating. Whether it’s pizza or soda, if you just tell me what to do, I can do it well. - Daehyun (First Look)

translation credits: heodang@tumblr

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Babokwang, so lovely! xDDD

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