Hello, My name is Vanessa but my friends and family call me Bonnie.

I'm from the 89Line and a July baby/female/Bisexual

I am an Vip,B2UTY, A+, Inspirit, BBC, Baby(Earthling), EXOtic and more.

I'm shy, so be kind to me ( ̄ε ̄@)

I love Asian music and Yaoi!
I'm a Fujoshi 4 life

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1/☆ moments where Yongguk makes me want to jump off a cliff. (◕‿◕✿)

1/ moments where Yongguk makes me want to jump off a cliff. (◕‿◕✿)

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- Bang Yongguk, Photobook Take 2 message. Src.

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Laughing Yongguk ≧∇≦

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« We’ve waited for a very long time. Honestly… we’ve also waited a very long time to shoot this reality show too. And we’ve waited a very long time for our album too. Now… is time for you to enjoy what we’ve worked hard for. What we’ve worked hard to prepare for and all our efforts, you will now be able to see it in your own eyes. We’re confident. Everyone… I mentioned it earlier. We don’t expect your cheers. Just your anticipation. Because we’re confident in turning your anticipation into cheers. »

Bang Yongguk, you have no idea how proud I am… of you. B.A.P is one of the best rookies of this year. B.A.P is also very successful. Three albums in just 7 months. Non-stop promotions. And even touring around Asia for showcases and fansigns/fan-meetings. All the hard work paid off. All the practicing paid off. 

And most importantly… all our anticipation turned into cheers. 

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Shy Yonggukkie

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